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Media Appearances

Interview with Gemma Carroll on Chatroom – Television Hawke’s Bay

20 May 2016

Helena Popovic Ch9 Mornings - Dementia Awareness Month 1Helena speaks with Gemma Carroll about “Boosting your Brain”.

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Psychology of emotional eating – The Daily Edition: Channel 7

31 March 2016

Helena Popovic - Channel 7 - Emotional eatingDr Helena Popovic explains why we turn to food for comfort and how to curb the craving.

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Dementia Awareness Month – Ch9 Mornings

24 September 2015

Helena Popovic Ch9 Mornings - Dementia Awareness Month 1Helena speaks with David Campbell and Sonia Kruger on Channel 9 Mornings about caring for her father.

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In Search of my Father – 4BC 1116 Mornings – Gina Baker

14 October, 2013

image0174BC Mornings: Dr Helena Popovic is a medical doctor and author of In Search of My Father. She speaks to Greg about what she discovered while caring for her father with dementia. She says we can actively reduce dementia in three key ways.

1. Improving brain performance by challenging our learning and problem solving skills.
2. Having meaningful and fulfilling social interactions.
3. Maintaining physical activity

Dr Popovic tells the story of caring for her father. She says the day he suggested visiting a cousin in Serbia, she booked tickets. The transformation that occurred in his condition was due to his focus on positive experiences that came from being able to contribute and being treated as a hero by his family. The focus was no longer on what was wrong.

Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to regenerate. In years past, says Popovic, the brain was thought to be the only organ that can’t repair. This is not so and if we believe we have no hope we actively suppress our immune systems.

The good news is dementia is a lifestyle disease rather than a genetic lottery as many people think.

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Obesity Battle Key in Fighting Dementia – 3 News – New Zealand

10 March 2014

image018Watch Helena Explain the link between Obesity and Dementia here

Tips for Carers of Those With Dementia – ABC 702 – James Valentine

22 October 2012

image019From James Valentine’s Blog:

Dr Helena Popovic is a dementia expert and the author of ‘In Search of My Father’, a book about her experiences caring for her father who suffers with vascular dementia.

Dr Popovic has previously joined us to talk about a number of dementia-related issues.

Today, the focus of the interview was on providing tips to carers of those who suffer with dementia, from Dr Popovic and also listening to callers to the program and their experiences.

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Dementia, we need education – 4BC Afternoons with Sally and Murray

September 17, 2012

Ahead of Dementia week, Dr Helena Popovic joins Sally and Murray, in studio with a message that we need more education, not more medication.

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Onset of dementia – 4BC Afternoons with Moyd and Loretta

June 27, 2012

Medical doctor and Author of ‘In Search of My Father’, Dr Helena Popovic talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about Dementia and some tips on how to slow down the onset. Listen now.

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A daughters determination to try and defy dementia – ABC Radio National – Natasha Mitchell

14 March 2012

image020From Radio National Life Matters Blog:

In 2010 Helena Popovic’s mother died and Helena was left wondering what would happen to her father, who was grief-stricken and suffering from dementia. Matters were taken in hand when her father informed his only child that he would die if he didn’t live with her. Two years later Helena Popovic has written about being her dad’s carer and the steps she’s taken to try to defy his dementia.

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Change Your Mind, Train My Brain – Women’s Health & Fitness

September 2012

image021The key to breaking (or meaking) a habit is a brain re-wire. Read more here

To Harness Neuroplasticity, Start with Enthusiasm – Sharp Brains

31 January 2012

image022We are the archi­tects and builders of our own brains.

For mil­len­nia, how­ever, we were obliv­i­ous to our enor­mous cre­ative capa­bil­i­ties. We had no idea that our brains were chang­ing in response to our actions and atti­tudes, every day of our lives. So we uncon­sciously and ran­domly shaped our brains and our lat­ter years because we believed we had an immutable brain that was at the mercy of our genes. Read More

Tips for Professional Presenting – How to Present

October 2011

image023Helena shares her top 11 tips on being a professional speaker. You can read them here


October 2011

image024It’s official: singing is good for you. And singing in a group is even better. Read more here…

Training Clowns to be Doctors – Training Australia Magazine

Volume 5, No. 3

image025Once upon a time, a 19th century Scottish doctor called John Brown, was faced with a very difficult case. A young female patient was dying because of an abscess obstructing her throat. In the course of the consultation, the woman’s husband made a humorous remark. She responded by laughing, and suddenly, her abscess burst and her life was saved. This was the first recorded case of laughter being the best medicine.

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